Two epic statements designed to celebrate the most iconic design in aviation history

Spitfire Collaboration The watch son of time


The Spitfire is an icon of design, performance and craftsmanship. It is easily one of, if not the most iconic design in aviation history. Enjoying a bold attitude and a healthy dislike of anything standard, VTR Customs and TW Steel were eager design two epic statements as a tribute. Staying true to the Son of Time philosophy, these have big time attitude.

TW Steel took all of the Spitfire’s style, power and heritage and designed six limited edition timepieces. In line with the majestic airplane, the designers of the Dutch watch brand sketched a timepiece uncompromising in terms of aesthetics and specifications. The ACE201, draws directly from its namesake and displays its heritage up front. The alloy finishing of the bike and the design of the watch are one and the same, reflections of each other in two forms. The watch dial proudly boasts the RAF logo and the chrono eyes have a horizon indicator design, modelled on the original Spitfire instrument panel. Each of the other five watch designs are inspired by the cockpit of aviation’s most iconic piece of engineering.

BMW Motorrad provided a brand new, watercooled R1200 R for the build and VTR Customs planned to turn it not only into a living 2-wheel tribute to the Spitfire, but also a race ready beast to be taken to the Sultans of Sprint event. Daniel Weidmann’s goal: “We want to get even more radical and build the most complex VTR bike ever.”

Daniel’s hobby of flying provided the inspiration for the design of the Spitfire bike. He flies a 1938 Royal Air Force fighter plane, and was eager to turn the BMW R 1200 R into a torpedo-like monster sheathed in aluminum, reminiscent of an old aircraft. Next to the body work and instantly recognisable air intake system from the WWII plane, VTR Customs’ design included original Spitfire cockpit instruments. Influenced by the ACE Spitfire watch, they also drew a tailormade wooden case on the bike for the timepiece.

Let the good times roll!