Celebrate freedom. Celebrate joy. The Moksha timepiece and custom bike cut loose in a fresh an liberating way.

Moksha Collaboration The watch son of time


Moksha is the ultimate form of joy. Set to break the mould and cut loose, TW Steel, Sinroja Motorcycles and BMW UK crafted two liberating masterpieces: the Moksha motorcycle and timepiece.

BMW UK took care of the foundation with their expertise and a brand new R nine T. Sinroja Motorcycles brought their own unique vision and TW Steel tied the whole thing together with the Son of Time Philosophy, creating the Son of Time Moksha Special Edition Timepiece alongside Sinroja’s custom bike.

The Sinroja brothers showcased their typical fire and eye for detail. Next to streamlining the watch design, they crafted instant classics such as the front fairing and the tail section. And the fuel cap, the speedometer and the Son of Time story engraved in the ABS sensor ring beautifully connect the bike to its spiritual brother.

“Two beautiful masterpieces are created to evoke the inner soul within one and bring that joy of freedom, happiness and satisfaction when one embraces these two masterpieces.” Rahul Sinroja – Sinroja Motorcycles

Its spiritual brother, the Moksha Special Edition timepiece, matches the motorcycle stride for stride. Bold, stylish and distinctive, this special watch ticks all boxes. From the multilayer dial to the outer ring resembling a braking disk, the Moksha Special Edition joins the motorcycle to celebrates freedom.

Moksha Special Edition specs:

Moksha motorcycle features:


Let the good times roll!