Son of Time



Crossing boundaries and leaving comfort zones fuels free thinking and inspired designs. Blessed with a fearless attitude and a healthy dislike of anything standard, Diamond Atelier and TW Steel embarked on a mission to design two bold, trailblazing statements. In line with the Son of Time philosophy, the ‘Æon’ designs encourage you to break away and go out in style.

Feeding off each other’s ideas, the creative masterminds of both brands let their creative juices flow with one clear objective in mind: the ‘Æon’ custom motorcycle and matching watch are to challenge the status quo.

The timepiece pays tribute to vintage styles with a modern twist. Taking the orginal Son of Time watch as a starting point, I was inspired by Tom’s daring vision and radical style

— Ton Cobelens,
TW Steel —

Something new is only ever created if you don’t follow the pre-set rules. While taking inspiration from TW Steel and their products, we specifically looked at the early Bõsõzoku scene. A great source of inspiration.

— Tom Konecny,
Diamond Atelier —

The ‘Æon’ Special Edition infuses the raw Maverick shape with the unmistakable Son of Time flavour. Incorporating key elements such as the clean lines, the pistons and the fuel cap, the watch breathes boldness, while maintaining a stylish, clean look.

The Æon’ custom motorcycle focuses on Yamaha's lineage, pulls inspiration from trends in Japanese Car Customization and combines it with the pure Diamond Atelier DNA. With parted panels and exposed bolts, the design grew into a minimalist masterpiece.