Son of Time


Eager to bring their designs to life, Ironwood Custom Motorcycles and TW Steel hit the workshop to build their masterpiece.

Set to bring their signature style to the Son of Time, Ironwood Custom Motorcycles first exposed the delicious sub frame of the XSR700. Eyeing a low, fast and mean aesthetic, the custom bike artisan focused on customising the fuel tank, exhaust, shocks, forks and wheels. The beast takes shape.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Chronos’ Joyride motorcycle, the creative experts at TW Steel start to work their magic with steel, leather and sapphire glass.

A big calibre 6S21 chronograph movement is built to power the ‘Chronos’ Joyride Special Edition. Infusing the unmistakable Son of Time DNA into the rugged Maverick base model, a grey sunray sandwich dial is developed incorporating the Son of Time logo.

The lowered fuel tank got some extra edge with a red trim alongside an extravagant Lamborghini Grey Pearl Paintjob

As the brand name suggests, the watch case is constructed from the best steel available. For extra durability, the 316L sandblasted steel case sports a hardened mineral crystal with sapphire coating.

The low, fast and mean aesthetic matches the bike’s scrambler style. By merging a Yamaha MT-10 USD fork with the bike’s chassis, the machine is dropped down tight to the tarmac.


As soon I got the XSR700 in front of me I already envisioned what the bike would look like: this machine will get ahead on father time and shake things up! Getting the outlines transferred from my head onto the actual motorcycle was relatively easy

- Arjan van den Boom,
Ironwood Custom Motorcycles -