Son of Time


The Son of Time is all about breaking away, discovering new avenues and pushing boundaries. In line with this philosophy, TW Steel and Ironwood Customs locked themselves in a room to design ground-breaking masterpieces.

Transcending the specifics of the worlds of custom motorcycles and horology, both brands quickly found each other in their fearless and bold approach to design and craftsmanship. Energised by each other’s ideas, both reached for their pencils to design the Chronos' Joyride watch and custom motorcycle.

The timepiece pays tribute to vintage styles with a modern twist. Taking the orginal Son of Time watch as a starting point, the inspiring, agressive design of the bike was really a source of inspiration.”

— Ton Cobelens,
TW Steel —

TW Steel and Yamaha gave me the opportunity to make a one-off piece or art. Their guidelines combined with my signature style meant the bike would be low, mean and fast! Inspired by all beautiful things around me.

— Arjan van den Boom,
Ironwood Custom Motorcycles —

The ‘Chronos’ Joyride’ Special Edition infuses the raw Maverick frame with the unmistakable Son of Time flavour and the aggressive style of its spiritual brother; the custom motorcycle. Incorporating key elements such as the clean lines, the pistons and the fuel cap, the watch breathes boldness, while maintaining a stylish, clean look.

Ironwood Custom Motorcycles did what they do best with the XSR700 and made something great, even better. Blending styles, colors and materials, they gave the scrambler style donor bike a low, fast and mean aesthetic.