Son of Time


The Son of Time saga continues with Spanish flair. TW Steel and Macco Motors combined their powers to create the ‘Desperado’ timepiece and motorcycle; a unique twist on timeless aesthetics and modern sense.

Celebrating the drive to break away and cut loose, this fresh collaboration pays tributes to free-spirits and mavericks. Don’t be measured and sensible, follow your heart and make a statement.

Sharing a free-spirited outlook, Macco Motors’ vintage, smooth style collides with TW Steel’s take-no-prisoners attitude. Roar with style!

Blending their love for Spanish vibes with their watchmaking expertise, Dutch watch brand TW Steel matches stride with Macco Motors to build a timepiece that makes a bold statement.

Well established Macco Motors from Cadiz are known to combine style and substance. They take a Yamaha XSR700 and twist their retro feel together with a healthy dose of Son of Time attitude to produce the ‘Desperado’ custom motorcycle.

We’ve been a fan of Macco Motors’ work for some time; but talking to them about a Son of Time collaboration really cemented the idea that we should be working together..”

— Auke Possel,
TW Steel —

TW Steel are excellent collaborators because they share our passion for classic design mixed with modern elements. The Son of Time is a real treat to work on as, it’s vintage but fresh. That’s what we do, that’s what we love..”

— Jose Garcia,
Macco Motors —