Son of Time


Time to replace pencils with tools. Having finalised their designs, Macco Motors and TW Steel pick up the tools to start building their masterpieces

Stripping back their Yamaha XSR900 to its component parts, Macco Motors started changing the balance and stance of the bike. From customizing the steel sub frame and tail section to the eye-popping carbon fibre fuel tank, the custom bike artisans used their trademark craftsmanship to give the Desperado a powerful yet classic vibe.

Matching stride with the custom motorcycle, the Dutch watch creators took the Spanish flair, mixed it with a healthy dose of characteristic boldness and started working on steel and leather.

Excited to build a timepiece that matches the feel of the Desperado bike, the TW Steel team first crafted and sandblasted a 45mm Maverick 316L steel case. Then they worked on the dark grey sunray sandwich dial including red numbers and indexes to match the colour scheme of the custom bike.

Showcasing skill and eye for detail, the gentlemen of Macco Motors created a true eye catcher. They equipped the Desperado motorcycle with a handmade carbon fibre tank to give it a sleek and powerful aesthetic.

As the brand name suggests, the watch case is constructed from the best steel available. For extra durability, the 316L sandblasted steel case sports a hardened mineral crystal with sapphire coating.

Aiming to blend power and comfort, Macco Motors reduced the Desperado’s weight, improved the suspension and upgraded the general performance by using the best components available.

We want to build a masterpiece but not only for shows. We want to build a powerful yet comfortable bike suitable for daily rides.”

- Jose Garcia,
Macco Motors -