Son of Time


Design is all about emotion and inspiration. The Son of Time creations pay tribute to icons and vintage styles of the past but with a modern twist. The one-off timepiece and unique custom bike shout new school, with old school flair and craftsmanship.

Inspired by the art of making beautiful things by hand, the two Dutch designers brought their bold, standout design skills to create two complementing monuments in a perfect blend of free thinking, good times inspired design.

I knew right from the beginning we had to use a mechanical tourbillon movement, the Son of Time had to make a strong statement in every aspect of its parts.

— Ton Cobelens,
TW Steel —

The Son of Time is a fast-forward racer with attitude. Together with Roderick, I set the goal of a low sprint racer which can set chronographs on fire at any drag race.

— Ulfert Janssen,
Gannet Design —

Designed from scratch, the Son of Time watch combines the free spirited, vintage attitude of the custom bike with the unmistakable TW Steel look and feel. While the bike offers countless fascinating design features, only key elements were incorporated into the watch design to preserve its unique, yet clean look.

The Son of Time custom motorcycle shows a mix of contemporary and vintage design with accents of modern materials such as carbon fiber. Combining classic with modern influences, vintage styling and classic parts are infused into the contemporary donor bike, a Yamaha XV950.