Moksha: Collaboration

TW Steel, Sinroja Motorcycles and BMW UK team up to create a timepiece and custom motorcycle.

Moksha Collaboration The watch son of time


The Son of Time brings together open road dreamers time and time again to craft bikes and watches that belong to the adventurous. TW Steel, Sinroja Motorcycles and BMW Motorrad UK have freed themselves in terms of designs and crafted a bike and timepiece that stand for the ideals of living for open roads on your own terms.

Dutch watch brand TW Steel shakes up the scene again. Shifting gears with the bike artisans, they absorbed all inputs and unleashed a stunning Son of Time Moksha timepiece.

“There is so much to be excited about in this project,” commented Jordy Cobelens, CEO of TW Steel. “It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s sportive. Above all else though, it still has that TW Steel attitude. Moksha is a philosophy we live by and always have. Freedom, liberation, release, that’s who we are. Seeing how the watch and bike work together, that’s what you get; Moksha.” Jordy Cobelens – TW Steel

Sinroja Motorcycles is run by two brothers who have lived the Moksha lifestyle in everything they do. They pour themselves into each project, appreciating every individual aspect of crafting bikes that exist to show their passion to liberation on two wheels.

“Moksha is a sense of freedom, a motorcycle that breaks the moulds of usual cafe racer design. A pure, handcrafted motorcycle that sets your soul free every time you ride it. The Son of time Project is exactly what that’s about as well.” Rahul Sinroja - Sinroja Motorcycles BMW Motorrad does not need an introduction. Their legendary engineering and  distinct style are celebrated all over the world. Their R Nine T was the perfect base model to make a fresh statement.

Fortunately, more brands joined the party to enrich the Moksha story. Hedon showed their magic with a matching helmet, Rizoma provided top notch parts, Continental took care of the slicks and Speedhut created a stunning speedo matching the watch dial. Finally, REV’IT made sure the clothing is as aesthetically pleasing as the bike and timepiece.

Let the good times roll!