Oil in the Blood

A fresh shock to the system

Oil in the Blood Collaboration The watch son of time


Hitting 2019 with the throttle pinned, TW Steel’s Son of Time keeps the wheels rolling with the Oil in the Blood project. Celebrating the eagerly awaited Oil in the Blood documentary, this next chapter of the Son of Time saga sends shockwaves to the system with the creation of a future past electric custom build and very limited edition Oil in the Blood timepieces

Binding together key players, the Dutch timepiece creator collaborates with Moli Films, whose documentary Oil in the Blood goes under the skin to the heart of ‘built not bought’, and DeBolex Engineering, a key protagonist of this world.

In line with the Son of Time formula, both the bike and the timepiece are built simultaneously and both influence the other. The worlds of film, watches and custom motorcycles collide in style

Let the good times roll!


The ‘Oil In The Blood’ collaboration celebrates the custom motorcycle movement. Its source of inspiration is the documentary ‘Oil In The Blood’, which goes under the skin to the heart of ‘built not bought’. It’s about people, their motives for building, their struggles, their failures and triumphs.

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The ‘Oil in the Blood’ film is both nostalgic and forward facing. DeBolex Engineering and TW Steel took this theme to design two masterpieces: a custom motorcycle and a timepiece.

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