No compromises, just craftsmanship

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Taking no prisoners, The Son of Time bike will be fully customized. Gone are many unnecessary parts that add weight and define the standard machine. In their place Roderick builds a picture of a very different bike with a number of specialist parts and unique, one-off Numbnuts items.

Bespoke engine covers, air intake, fuel tank and seat unit give the Son of Time its identity, all built around a heavily modified frame. Further trick parts from brands such as Dymag, Brembo and K-Tech continue to build a picture of a bike ready to cut loose and find speed.

The Son of Time watch is built around a state of the art and technically complicated mechanical tourbillon movement. This prestigious masterpiece is Swiss made and mounted by hand. Staying true to handmade craftsmanship, we teamed up with strap expert DStrap to create a premium, handmade strap from leather of an ostrich’s leg,

Let the good times roll!